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Speaking of Follow-Through

Speaking of follow-through, I think I have talked myself into training for a sprint Triathlon.  Last summer I was part of a team in the Outdoor Divas Triathlon in Longmont, Colorado. My sister had participated in the past, doing the swim leg of the event with friends she had known a long time. Last year… Continue reading Speaking of Follow-Through

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New year, New Watchword

Instead of resolutions or goals, I try to do “watchwords” for the new year. I wrote about my watchword for 2019 in our book, Musings of a Yoga Community, available here (I’m pretty proud of it). Last year’s watchword was “order” and I used it to help organize my life. It kind of worked, although… Continue reading New year, New Watchword

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Chipotle love- compassion in the wild

This weekend I went to eat at Chipotle. For those of you unfortunate enough not to have one nearby, Chipotle is a chain restaurant that has giant burritos, with beans, rice and meat wrapped in tortillas. You stand in line and order at the counter, and it winds up being about a $10 lunch. It… Continue reading Chipotle love- compassion in the wild


Being Thankful on the Darkest Days of the Year

My dad used to ski hard. He skied at the top ten percent of his ability. When I was a kid, he would barrel down the mountain, then stop and wait for me and my mom as we leisurely drifted back and forth across the hill. He always waited for us, but when he was… Continue reading Being Thankful on the Darkest Days of the Year

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Spooky Halloween Story- Just Gain the Weight

So, I’ve been struggling with hormones lately (another thing I have in common with middle school students- crazy chemical imbalances) Things have evened out, fewer hot flashes, fewer random rages, fewer unpredictable gushes. One of the terrifying things I read when I was first dealing with peri-menopause (definition- menopause is a one time event: last… Continue reading Spooky Halloween Story- Just Gain the Weight