About Me

IMGP4621The winter after I turned 40, I broke my leg while ice skating. I hate to say it was a wake-up call, but it was a wake-up call. I had a great husband, a 9- year-old and a 6-year-old, a full-time job teaching middle school, and a sedentary lifestyle.

I have always lived a lot inside my mind. I had  a rich intellectual life, but a poor physical one. It was time to move inside my body. Ironically, shifting over to a more physical life gave me new things to learn, so my intellectual life went in a new direction. There were suddenly new problems to solve, new mysteries to figure out.

I started practicing yoga as soon as my leg healed enough to put weight on. I added cycling, walking, swimming. I added (then subtracted) running, then added taekwondo. I have a Fitbit, and am fascinated by the graphs of active hours and steps. I have slowly shifted from a mindset of “exercise is something that I should do” to “movement is my birthright.”

Moving and kicking and dancing and stretching and rolling on the floor laughing is something that I deserve to be able to do, for a long time into the future. You do, too.

I have gotten off the couch. I completed yoga teacher training in the Spring of 2017, and  became a black belt in taekwondo in the winter of 2018. My husband is still great, my kids are now 18 and 15, I’m still teaching middle school, and I wonder if I am still too sedentary. This blog will serve as a rough draft for my ideas about movement, yoga, martial arts, eating and life in general. I welcome comments, but trolls need not apply. I get enough of that at my day job. You know, at the middle school.