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Spooky Halloween Story: Be Authentic

As the leaves get crunchy and the pumpkins grow moldy (I know, not for everyone: Hello, Southern Hemisphere!) I have been thinking and writing about scary stuff, like being old and feeble and the idea of giving up caffeine, and here’s another- showing the real me… But, the real me is awful! Yeah, which real… Continue reading Spooky Halloween Story: Be Authentic


Spooky Halloween Stories- Old People with No Muscles!

For the month of October, I’m writing about terrifying things- like LACK of MUSCLE MASS!!! Imagine this whole post read in a deep ominous voice)   My sister in-law told me this story about when she was in nursing school, she did some practicum hours at a flu shot clinic. Mostly old people came to… Continue reading Spooky Halloween Stories- Old People with No Muscles!

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Spooky Halloween Stories- Sleep and Caffeine

During the month of October, in the spirit of Halloween (get it, spirit?) I am writing posts about things that scare me, or should scare me. Imagine this read aloud in a verry spoooooky voice. I’m reading the book  Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson. He’s got a podcast, and I first heard about him on… Continue reading Spooky Halloween Stories- Sleep and Caffeine


The Philosophy Fair

Last spring, I was talking with a 7th grade student about the science fair. At my school we do a Capstone project, that starts with research in 7th grade, and continues to 8th with either experiments or inventions, and then we have a fair in November, with the typical tri-fold display boards. When we introduce… Continue reading The Philosophy Fair

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You do realize you’re going to die someday, right?

A couple years ago I read Neville Schute’s On the Beach. Set in Australia after worldwide nuclear war, it shows how the Aussies react knowing that they are going to die, as soon as the Coriolus effect brings the radiation down under. I was talking to a group of students about it, 8th grade boys,… Continue reading You do realize you’re going to die someday, right?


5 things to look for in a yoga studio

  It is a mystery to me that in Meet-ups, more that 100 people are signed up on a group I manage called “Loveland Yoga Meet-up” and only 1 of those people regularly comes to my class. There is obviously a desire to practice yoga with a group, yet people can’t seem to get out… Continue reading 5 things to look for in a yoga studio


New Class, New Location

I’m so excited to offer a new class at a new location, Grace Yoga Studio, 4520 Garfield, Loveland. It is only 10 minutes south of Harmony Road. (Yes, North Loveland is the new South Fort Collins) It is such a beautiful little studio, in an unexpected location- back behind a salon, tucked into an orchard… Continue reading New Class, New Location