Shoulders are a bitch to rehab…

One of my colleagues was absent this week, recovering from shoulder surgery. Rumors flew around the teachers’ lounge- no, she didn’t injure it attempting to strangle an 8th grader, it was something else. She had been sure she’d recover fast and be back to work by Wednesday. Ummm…no. Your shoulder joint is super complicated, and… Continue reading Shoulders are a bitch to rehab…

book review

Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Everyone

I’m pretty nerdy- just ask anyone.  When I want to learn something new, which is all the time, my first move is not to try it, or take a class,or ask a friend. My first move is to read about it. When I first started getting into yoga seriously, about 7 years ago, I scouted… Continue reading Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Everyone


Flipping upside down

  You know how sometimes, there’s the circus-act aspect of yoga, it feels like doing tricks.  “Okay, trained monkey, now do your headstand…” I feel awkward with inversions, because I’m not good at either headstand or shoulder stand, and not strong enough for hand stand, and I feel like I somehow “should” be good at… Continue reading Flipping upside down


Fascia? I barely know ya!

Just last week, I was supervising a state test at my school. The expectations for teachers are that we are supposed to be active proctors: no sitting, no reading, no writing, no drawing, no electronic devices other than that needed to proctor the test, no helping students, no talking. I was supposed to slowly walk… Continue reading Fascia? I barely know ya!